Urgent appeal for Turkiye-Syria earthquake victims

Al Amal Foundation urgent appeal for earthquake victims in Jindires, northwest Syria.
Al Amal Foundation urgent appeal for earthquake victims in Jindires, northwest Syria.

There is no doubt that the scenes of the catastrophe left behind by the devastating earthquake that struck southern Turkey and northern Syria, causing disasters, calamities and ruins beyond imagination and beyond the available capabilities, shocked everyone. Cities have been wiped off the face of the earth, thousands of victims are still under the rubble, the stench of death is pervasive in neighborhoods and cities that have always been full of vitality and life.

 Ten days after the onset of the disaster, little help has reached the areas most in need, besieged by the laws of the jungle on the one hand and its monsters on the other. The survivors of the catastrophe are in traumatization, they can hardly believe what happened, they are displaced, they wander from one neighborhood to another and from one city to another, they lost their homes that were destroyed, and their livelihoods that sank into the earth, they were injured in their souls that were stunned by the horror and magnitude of the affliction, and their bodies whose wounds and injuries festered.

Everyone is waiting for help from their brothers and sisters in humanity. Time is running out and the situation is very critical.

Contribute with sympathy, solidarity and supplication for the afflicted

Help shelter a homeless family

Help treat the injured

 Contribute to securing psychological support for the afflicted

Contribute to providing temporary shelter

Contribute to providing food for the affected families

Contribute, your contribution will not be lost

Al-Amal Charitable Foundation provides you with a window of hope to alleviate the suffering of the earthquake victims.